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All the volah Transmissions and publications have been transferred to http://www.lightpulsations.com The Vortex of Light and Healing.net will continue to publish books by other authors as well as publications on health and healing subjects.


Volah is an educational and information organisation dedicated to helping individuals to transform their worldly consciousness, making them free from the limitations of sensual living.

In 1996, Jon Whistler published his best-selling book, "One Light". In this book Whistler reveals his initial contact with the higher dimensional being, Zadore, who has continued to inspire Jon Whistler to write the higher knowledge on Light and Life in the form of Transmissions. These Transmissions will free humanity from the repetitive limitations of the Astral Time Loop.

Everyone experiences feelings of helplessness when faced with the threat of war, violence, terror, the breakdown of society, financial stress, poverty, pain, suffering and disease.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Humanity has assigned all their rights and freedom to various authorities such as States, science and religions, with the false belief that these authorities will protect and save them from all the disasters of living. In assigning their rights, humanity has become divorced from all contact with the real nature of their inner being, and have fallen asleep in the illusion of their sensual nature.

Zadore created the Vortex of Light and Healing, (VOLAH), to draw into its center of Light the consciousness of individuals who have transcended the Astral Illusion, following their study and application of the principles taught in the Transmissions.

Now you can raise your consciousness out of the limitations of your sensual nature and develop a higher level of being where you will experience the Light of your Essence, which is your real self and being.

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All information is offered for personal study and research. Visit our library regularly, because we will be posting new publications as they are received.

You now know that nothing in the external world has the power to lead you to inner truth and understanding. It is already there waiting for you”.

"Vis Novae Natura"

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